Stick control・・・George L Stone
Accents and Rebounds・・・George L Stone
Contemporary studies for the snare drum・・・Fred Albright
Polyrhythmic studies for snare drum・・・Fred Albright
Portraits in rhythm・・・Anthony J Cirone
Portraits in rhythm Complete Study Guide・・・Anthony J Cirone
Master Studies 1&2・・・Joe Morello
Musicians Guide to Polyrhythms 1&2・・・Pete Magadini
Wrist&Finger stroke Control・・・Charley Wilcoxon
The Solo Snare Drummer vol.1・・・Pratt~Schinstine~Moore
Left hand Control・・・Joel Rothman
Syncopated Rolls for the modern drummer・・・Jim Blackley
Snare drum Solos・・・Ben Hans
Modern school for snare drum・・・Morris Goldenberg


Collection Drum Solos・・・W.F.Ludwig
N.A.R.D Drum solos
The All American Drummer・・・Charley Wilcoxon
Modern Rudimental Swing Solos・・・Charley Wilcoxon
14 Modern contest solos for snare drum・・・John.S.Pratt
The Moller Book
Buddy Rich's modern Interpretation of Snare drum Rudiments・・・
Henry Adler


The Evolution of Jazz Drumming・・・Danny Gottlieb
Modern Drumming・・・Billy mintz
Rudimental Jazz・・・Joe Morello
The Art of Bop Drumming・・・John Riley
The Jazz Drummer's Workshop・・・John Riley
Beyond Bop Drumming・・・John Riley!・・・Joel Rothman
Jazz Bible of Coordination・・・Joel Rothman
4Way Coordination・・・Marvin Dahlgren/Elliot Fine
A Practical Workbook for the Modern Drummer・・・Dick DiCenso
Creative Coordination for the Performing Drummer・・・
Keith Copeland
Inside Buddy Rich・・・Jim Nesbitt
Gene Krupa Drum method・・・Gene Krupa
Patterns 1~4・・・Gary Chaffee
Jazz Drumming・・・Billy Hart
The Drummer's Complete Vocabulary・・・John Ramsay
A Manual for the Modern Drummer・・・Alan Dawson
Deeper into the Art of Drumming・・・Robert Kaufman
The Art of Drumming・・・Robert Kaufman
The New Breed 1&2・・・Gary Chester
Realistic Rock・・・Carmine Appice
はじめてのジャズドラム・・・坂田 稔
クロスオーバー ドラムス奏法・・・見砂和照
スティーブ・ガッド ドラムテクニック・・・竹治民裕
ジャズドラム フィルインとソロ・・・猪瀬雅治
Alan Dawson Drum Method 1&2・・・水野オサミ
Jazz Drumming・・・八木 宏
Jazz Drum famos playing・・・市川宇一郎
The Jazz Drum・・・坂田 稔
Jazz Drums・・・市原 康
Jazz Drumming・・・ジミー竹内
Art in rhythm・・・日野元彦
Welcome to My rhythm・・・村上秀一
Double Bass Drumming・・・Joe Franco
progressive steps to Bass Drum Technique・・・Ted Reed
New Orleans Jazz and Second Line Drumming・・・
                           Herlin Riley/Johnny Vidacovich
Afro-Cuban Grooves for Bass and Drums・・・Lincoln Goines/
                                          Robby Ameen
Afro-Cuban Rhythms for Drumset・・・frank Malabe/Bob Weiner
Brazilian Rhythm for Drum set・・・Duduka da Fonseca/Bob Weiner


Brush Artistry・・・Philly Joe Jones
The complete Guide to Playing Brushes・・・Florian Alexandru Zorn
The Sound of Brushes・・・Ed Thigpen
Brush Fire・・・Willis F.Kirk
Mastering the art of Brush・・・Jon Hazilla


Syncopation・・・Ted Reed
Modern Reading text in 4/4・・・Louie Bellson
Big Band Drum Chart・・・Joel Rothman


打楽器教則本・・・今村征男・塚田 靖
Let's Go!percussion 1.2・・・目黒一則
打楽器スーパーガイド・・・塚田 靖/瀬上養之助
Drum Instructor・・・W.F.Ludwig
Drum Method・・・Hasell W Harr
Percussion Studio・・・Siegfried Fink
The Performing Percussion・・・James Coffin
The Contemporary Percussionist・・・Michael W.Udow/Chris Watts
Multi Pitch Rhythm Studies for Drums・・・Ron Delp
カスタネット奏法・・・島 みち子
Modern Method for Tympani・・・Soul Goodman
ラテン打楽器奏法・・・鈴木 健



Elementary Method・・・Howard M Peterson
Mallet Control・・・George L Stone
Mallet Chord Studies・・・Emil Richards
Exercises for mallet Instruments・・・Emil Richards
Four mallet Studies・・・Gary Burton
Vibraphone Technique・・・David Friedman
4 mallet fundamentals・・・Neil Grover
Four-Mallet Marimba playing・・・Garwood Whaley/Nancy Zeltsman
Voicing and comping for Jazz Vibraphone・・・Thomas L Davis
New Vibe Madness・・・Bill Molenhof
Modern school for Xylophone,Marimba,Vibraphone・・・
Morris Goldenberg
Milt Jackson
Vibraphone・・・Arthur Lipner
The Jazz Vibraphone Book・・・Ed Saindon/Dick Sisto
Velocity Warm-Ups・・・Charles Dowd
Modern Method for Four Mallets・・・Phil Kraus